We believe that floral fragrances are key to making each day amazing. The magical scents can be layered together to create long-lasting combinations that inspire you to be all that you want to be.  If you can dream it, you can become it.

When the Tropical Bali new products team came together, they brought with them many years of experience of making skincare products.  The result is a new product line that’s full of inspiration, wisdom, and a dash of whimsy.  Colors are brighter, scents are deeper, and everything has the feeling of fun.

Fragrances have the power to awaken your senses and can make you feel everything from energized and happy, to balanced and relaxed.  When feeling good inside and out, you radiate with a glow that shines eternally.

Work Tropical Bali Bath and Shower Gels into a rich lather that will nourish and hydrate your skin, making it look healthy and feeling fresh. Let it wash over your body and enjoy the lingering scent from morning through night.

Anoint your skin with the delicate coolness of our Tropical Bali Body Mist collection.  Just a few spritzes is all it takes and the delicious scent will give you the confidence to show your fabulous self.

Our Body Lotions will drench your skin in gorgeousness while locking in moisture that gives you a radiant beauty that everyone will notice. You will love the soft and supple skin you’re in.

Bali Blessings

The sweet and heavenly scent of Jasmine in Bali Blessings will awaken and renew your soul, letting your spirit soar.


Tropical Bali will inspire and unleash your inner Mermaid when you splash into a sea of Cempaka – nature’s own perfume.

Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed will remind you of an endless summer of ocean waves  and  sunshine  as  you  catch  a  scent  of  Frangipani’s  on  the  morning  air.

Pink Flamingo

Stand out in the crowd and follow your dreams with the sweet rose scent of Pink Flamingo!

We will continue to create  beauty  products  and  make-up  that  are  perfect  for  your  skin  and  hair  that will  help  you  become  the  best  that  you  can be,  in  the most  exciting  way  possible.

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